Hi, Im John, I am 23 years old, I live in the North of England and I am a Freelance Developer as well as a Full-Time University Student who loves Technology.

Course Details

I study Computer Science, within this course, I learn about programming, networking, computer maths and much much more!

With this course, it will eventually let me go out into the Technology Industry and be ready for multiple job roles e.g. Cybersecurity.

Educational Background

For my GCSEs I took:

College & University :

Employment Background

I have worked in Many Places Over the years, My First Job was working for an Autism Charity when I was 17.

I was in charge of maintaining the website, I also did some light graphic design. Since then I worked in pubs and cafes while at college studying Software Engineering.

I knew the food industry was only a short chapter of my life until I had gotten more experience with the tech industry.

After finishing college & refining my skills as a novice to Programming & Web Development

I have now been trading for almost a year & I love web development & Graphics Design with a passion.

I adore being self-employed as it lets me be flexible. With my business, University has helped as it is letting me refine my skills even more.

I have also started an internship recently, which involves Business social media marketing, with this job it lets me push my capabilities as someone who is self employed.

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